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Welcome to the LiveseySolar Academy. We’re glad to have you here and congratulations for committing to excellence in healthcare customer service.

Below you’ll find the main dashboard for the courses you are enrolled in with LiveseySolar. Every time you add a new course, you’ll be able to access it here. We designed the training to be flexible. You can swap between your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone to allow you to fit your training into your life and refer to it whenever you need it.

Get started by choosing the course(s) you are enrolled in below. Have questions? Take a look at our FAQ which covers some common questions about the Academy. If you need help, visit our Support page.

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“I’ve been a doctor a long time, and there were things I learned about how to interact with patients from Rod Solar, who’s not a doctor.”

Watch Robert Morris, Medical Director of Optegra Eye Hospitals, share his recommendation to anyone seeking healthcare sales and customer service training.

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To register, contact us. Once you do, we’ll send you an email with your username and password.

Use this page to log in with your username (email address) and password provided in the email we sent you. You can also log in using the form on the left-hand sidebar at any time.

Click here to retrieve your password. You will need your work email address as a username. You can also change your password on Your Profile page. Find your profile image and choose “Edit profile”.
You’ll need an internet-enabled computer (or tablet) and the ability to hear sound from it. It is also helpful to have a printer since some lessons contain worksheets that need to be printed out. 
This course is available to you on a company-wide license for the term of your license (check with your manager to identify how long this license is for). You can see all your courses on your Profile page.
This course will be available to you for as long as you have access to your company email address and your company has a license for it. This means anyone from your company can request to register as long as they have a company email address while the license is valid.You can take it as often as you wish. You can see all your courses on your Profile page.
We have segmented courses into lessons. Each lesson has a corresponding quiz. There are three ways you can see your progress.

On the Course page, you can see what lessons you’ve completed at the bottom of the page. You have completed lessons with a green checkmark.

You can also see your progress as you go at the bottom of any lesson in a progress bar graphic in the right hand side bar.

You can see your progress on every course, lesson, and quiz you’ve completed on your Profile page.

Anyone with access to your profile will be able to see your course progress and quiz results (including us).

Other participants cannot see your progress or quiz results. Other participants can see your badges and achievements.

No. We can deliver all our courses in person too. Please call 0207 407 4452  or fill in the form to inquire about this.
We’ve tested this course on all modern browsers, yet we recommend Google Chrome.
We do not offer courses in any other language than English.


Please contact us via the live chat (M-F 9AM to 5PM GMT) or send and email to support@liveseysolar.com. Please provide us with the full name of the new member, email address and company name.
Contact LiveseySolar to ask about your license to see how many active participants you can have in the course.
Go to your group’s member page which you can access by going to “My Profile” ->”Groups”. Then select your group and go to “Members”.

There you’ll see all of your enrolled staff. Click on each member to see where they are. For example, if you click on your own profile. You’ll see your Activity on the first setting. This includes the different achievements you have acquired. The specific achievements that relate to a course are labelled with HPT (Handling Patients on the Telephone) or HPA (Handling Patients at the Appointment) before them.

Each achievement shows a description of what the award is for.

After a member has been added by us to the system, you can you can add the member to your group. For this you have to go to “My Profile” -> “Groups” and then choose the group you want to add a participant to. Once you are on the group page, you have to choose “Send Invites”. In here you can choose the person you want to add. To invite a person you need be friends.
Once you are on the group page go to “Manage” and then click “Forum”. You need to enable ” Yes. I want this group to have a forum.” and save the setting. A forum will be automatically created and can be accessed through the group page.
There are two ways you can get support.
If your need is immediate (e.g. a technical issue), visit our contact us page and fill in the form OR click on “Chat with us” on the bottom right of each page to get in contact with us. You can ask non-urgent questions in the Forums.